🖐️ 5 Tips on How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Your 1st 1,000 subscribers is easier than it seems, but it’s going to take some discipline.

I’ve published over 2,000 YouTube videos, and took a channel from 10K subscribers to 20K in less than year.

Most new Creators will ignore these tips, flail around in the dark, and then give up before they’ve even reached 100 subscribers.

Here’s how to grow your new channel:

📮 Tip #1: Publish 10 Videos

At this stage, it’s about building a workflow. It’s about building a cadence. If you can create 10 videos, then you can create 100.

⁉️ Tip #2: Answer the “Weird” Questions in your industry

Your channel is too small to answer the “big” category questions — but you can answer those tiny, micro, weird questions. There isn’t much competition for these keywords and it’s an easy way to get points on the board.

🖼️ Tip #3: Study Thumbnails, Not Channels

You are NOT like other channels, nor will you ever be like them. But I do want you to copy how they make their thumbnails. Put your “Designer” cap on, and study the fonts, the colors, the size of their face on the picture to create click-worthy thumbnails.

🎏 Tip #4: Commit to a Theme

People naturally want to put you into a box — don’t fight this. Embrace it. Treat your YouTube channel like a restaurant — pick a theme and commit.

Become known for mastering one topic, and then expand later.

🎲 Tip #5: Double Down on the Winners!

If a video randomly gets 20% more views than usual, then make another video on that topic. Drill down deep.



Marketing Nerd, Content Creator | Website: https://jordanpanderson.com Social: @jordanpanderson

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