⚠️ YouTubers — Your First Camera Should Be a Webcam. Here’s Why…

If you’re shopping for cameras on Amazon — STOP!

New YouTubers don’t need to know about…

❌ Three-point lighting

❌ Megapixels

❌ Focal length

❌ 4K vs. 1080p

Delete all of this video production mumbo-jumbo from your mind.

✅ Your recording process requires zero effort. In fact, the goal of your Studio is to simply sit down, hit one button, and start recording.

Your Studio is Your Accelerator — Not the Barrier

(10–20 second setup time)

  • One light
  • One webcam
  • One microphone

Remove any and all friction between you, your idea and the “Publish” button.

Here’s how, step by step:

📸 Step 1: Get a cheap webcam (or use your laptop’s)

When shopping, any webcam with 1080p recording capabilities is fine. There is no “good” webcam or the “right” webcam. There never will be.

It’s procrastination in the form of shopping — and you know it.

💡 Step 2: Install a cheap LED soft-light

Your light’s job is to brighten up your face, so that you stands out from the background. No more, no less.

🎤 Step 3: Plug in a USB microphone

What makes a good microphone? Any microphone that isn’t your laptop’s microphone. USB microphones like Blue Yeti will last you 5 years or more.

Video equipment gets overwhelming quickly, so don’t even bother. Build a simple home studio that accelerates your video production process.

👇 Reply below and I’ll send you my video gear recommendations. 👇



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