⚡ 3 Pieces of Video Gear You NEED to Start Your YouTube Channel — And #1 is NOT a Camera…

Ready to launch your new YouTube channel, but all you have is a smartphone?

Let me show you three pieces of video gear that will elevate your production value and show your audience that you truly are invested into delivering awesome video content.

Here’s what to buy in this order:

🎤 1. USB Microphone ($120)

If you want to lose your audience, use your laptop’s microphone. The biggest dips I’ve seen on videos is when there’s something wrong with the audio. Remember that tons of your viewers use headphones, and if they can’t hear you or the audio is too echoey — they are OUT. 🎧

Keep that mic within 10 inches of your mouth, and you will have instantly upgraded your YouTube channel.

💡 2. Soft Lighting ($200)

You can make any camera, iPhone, webcam look amazing with the right lighting. Do you want to hide those wrinkles and make your skin glow? Use soft lighting. Make your light pass through a softbox or bounce the light off a white wall. This makes for soft shadows on the face, and beautiful highlights in the eyes.

Want to use a smaller light? I use the Viltrox L116T LED.

📄 3. Mini Teleprompter ($150)

Glide Gear 3-in-1 TMP

Yup. No cameras on this list because you don’t need one to make a great video. There are 100K-subscriber channels that use nothing but an iPhone.

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