95% of Your YouTube Video is a Waste of Time — Unless you do this…

Jordan P. Anderson
2 min readMay 28, 2022


Myth: Having a well-written, well-edited video is the key to growing your channel.

“Content is King”, right? Help your audience solve a problem with your video, and do it in a way that is fun, engaging, and entertaining.

However, if no one clicks, then no one cares.

❌ Fancy cameras and catchy scripts mean nothing.

You can spend an entire month writing your YouTube video.

You can spend 200 hours shooting and editing your YouTube Video.

But if you aren’t able to hook your viewers then it’s all for nothing.

✅ Create Thumbnails and Titles that poke at your Audience’s Pain.

Know their pain and tease them that YOU have the solution.

If you’re lost on how or where to understand your audience’s pain, start with your industry leaders.

Go to their channel and study everything they do. You’ll often find that their titles and thumbnails are elaborate, yet their videos are very simple — minimal camerawork and minimal editing.

Here are three quick ways to hone your YouTube titles & thumbnails:

🔎 Tip #1: Study, Copy, and Steal: Go to the top creators in your space and copy their best videos. Have fun with it.

Recreate their thumbnail in Photoshop, and recreate their video — but with you as the star.

💭 Tip #2: Read their Comments: Now, go back to that Creator’s top videos and study the comments. Hit Ctrl+F and search for question marks. Turn these questions into hooks and headlines.

Question: How do I become a YouTuber?

Headline: 5 Ways to Become a Successful YouTuber in 2022

🎣 Tip #3: Experiment with Hooks: Finally, put it all together. Create a video based on a question you found, and then rephrase it as a catchy headline.

Everyone gets caught up in what camera or what editing software to use. Who cares.

Focus on your audience’s pain and what you can say to wake them up from their mindless scrolling.



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