Don’t Monetize Your YouTube Channel…Here’s Why 💵

Most new YouTubers think the main goal is to get their channel monetized.

Here’s what’s required:

✅ Over 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and
✅ Over 1,000 subscribers

That means 48,000 people need to watch at least 5 minutes of your videos. Or 120,000 people need to watch for 2 minutes.

Let’s say you’ve put in two hard-fought years into YouTube.

In Year One, you built the channel, created dozens and dozens of videos, and narrowed your niche. Zero dollars earned.

In Year Two, you got monetized!

You were able to add to last year’s performance. This time you get another 100,000 views by the end of Year Two.

You are looking at a two-year slog to make your first $100…

  • End of Year One: $0 Earned
  • End of Year Two: $100 Earned

If you were working 10 hours a week on your YouTube channel for two years straight that equates to 10¢ per hour… 😭

Here’s the solution:

Your new goal: Find what your audience likes and create a digital product around it.

YouTube is your testing ground for new ideas and solutions inside your niche. When a video of yours blows up or gets 25 comments all of sudden — dig in.

Read the top questions your audience is ALWAYS asking. Create a 1-Page Template, a 20-minute mini-course, or even a 1-on-1 Calendly link for coaching.

This is how you monetize.

For every 1 subscriber, you should be making $1 per year.

So if you’ve put in the work to grow your YouTube channel to 1,000 new subscribers, don’t settle for YouTube’s $100.

Create a product that takes your most popular video one step further.

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