How to Get a Six-Pack, 100K Views on TikTok, and 10K Subscribers on YouTube in One Day…

Volume Wins. Volume will Always Win.

Mastering Volume has been the one advantage that has propelled my life and career.

Unfortunately, we don’t get taught how to do this. We are taught — you have one chance. One BIG Exam. One Audition.

For the past 10 years, I have created on average 4 videos a week, and in the last 2 years, I’ve created 1 video per day.

Here are 4 pieces of advice that will help you unlock the next level in your career, skillset, business, and life.

If you’re average like me, then the only advantage we have is the amount of work we can produce.

We want to be Rockstars who drop ONE great video. In today’s world, that’s playing the lottery game, scratching away hoping you’ll win. Instead, produce 20 videos in that same time.

The Rockstars are delusional.

Outwork them. Keep your foot on the gas. And go further.

Life is long. And we have short memories.

Hit publish on whatever you’re creating right now. It really doesn’t matter. No one will remember it.

But what will happen is you’ll learn, your skills will compound, and your tolerance for being uncomfortable hardens.

“Hey, buddy! Slow down!”

There’s an enormous unspoken pressure in the workplace: Average Out.

Among your team of 5, 10, 20 people — you’ll feel the need to blend in, do as much work as everyone else. Average Out. But what if you did 2X as much as the average? What if you did 5X?

Be prepared for jealousy and projection — but remember you’re playing your game. Not theirs.

A side story:

Up until age 25, I was a skinny 5'11" 130lbs kid. I couldn’t pack on muscle even though I was in the gym and eating Chiptole 4X a week. I was doing the standard 5 sets of 5 reps.

Then, I found Ryan Humiston’s channel.

He taught me that pushing BIG weight isn’t what matters. Volume is the key.

As soon as I started focusing on low weight, high reps, everything changed.

I gained 40lbs of muscle in less than a year.

✅ Swing the bat 100 times

✅ Ship it.

✅ Don’t let the crowd drag you down.

✅ Know that Nature loves volume.

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