How to Make a Tech Review YouTube Video Like DSLR Video Shooter

I’ve been watching DSLR Video Shooter’s channel for over 5 years!

📝 Here’s how to script a camera gear review video just like Caleb Pike…

📸 The Tech Beauty Shot + What is This Video

Use the phrase, “This is the [X CAMERA], and in this video, we’re going to see if this $$ camera is worth buying.”

Then name the price of the camera and rhetorically ask if

📌 Camera Overview

Give a little history to the camera while showing off close-ups of the camera’s buttons and ports.

📌 Menus & Software

📌 Camera Test & Image Quality

📌 Bad Stuff

📌 Final Recommendation

“If you are an X type of filmmaker, who likes Y, but doesn’t mind Z, then you’re going to love this camera.”

Here’s What to Film:

B-Roll: Slow motion slider shots of the camera, close-up of your hands pressing the camera buttons.

Camera Test Footage: Make sure you look right at the lens, raise one eyebrow, and look surprised and/or confused.

Thumbnail: Same raised eyebrow + the camera + a canary yellow background. No text.

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