📱 How to Make YouTube Videos on Your iPhone START to FINISH!

You don’t need a fancy camera or studio to create YouTube videos in 2022.

Most people think that there is this complicated production process that goes into a YouTube video.

❌ Remove the Fluff — Start Creating

❌ Shopping for the “right” camera
❌ Watching 50 hours of editing tutorials
❌ Comparing yourself to other channels

Making a YouTube video is AS EASY AS making a TikTok or IG Story.

Here’s how, step by step:

✍️ Step 1: Write your script on Notion (FREE)

Write it all down. Write down your thoughts, your intros, and how you’re going to close out the video.

I use Notion because I love it, but any digital writing app works.

📝 Step 2: Use the PromptSmart Pro app ($20)

This teleprompter app lets you record yourself on your phone while reading off your script simultaneously. The app moves the texts down as you say the words.

Get the paid version — it’s worth two burritos.

🎤 Step 3: Plug in a lightning cable lav mic ($20)

Grab a lightning cable lav mic that you can clip to your shirt for clean, warm audio. It will set your videos apart.

✂️ Step 4: Edit on the CapCut app (FREE)

Remove any umms and uhhs from your recording. We don’t need fancy editing tricks or effects. Just deliver great content without the fluff.

And that’s it! Your entire YouTube production process on your iPhone. For less than $50, you can get your first 1,000 subscribers without the need of a fancy camera, computer or studio.



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