😨 How to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged on YouTube

Jordan P. Anderson
2 min readMay 7, 2022


You are not special. No one is watching and no one has the energy to leave you a comment.

Reading these words should bring you comfort. You’re a new Creator on YouTube and you haven’t hit publish because you’re afraid of the ridicule.

The worst thing that will happen is nothing. No angry comments — nothing.

😡 There is no angry mob waiting for you.

We all have to remember that YouTube is different.

YouTube is NOT a feed where you are spoon-fed videos.

YOU the audience member have to seek out a video. Many YouTubers are afraid that their video will fall into the wrong hands. When in reality, only the people searching for the answer you’ve provided will find you.

Your video isn’t going to get put on the “front page” of YouTube. Other people pay way too much money for your random video to pop up on the featured page.

💃 Practice in Public…when no one is watching.

Not having any subscribers, in the beginning, is a good thing.

You are going to make a ton of early mistakes and you’ll be happy that only 30 people caught it instead of 30,000.

You might feel like you’re screaming into the Void, but think of it like singing in the shower. If you mess up, then no one is there to catch it except you. Watch your videos back and study how you can improve.

There are only three scenarios as a New Creator on YouTube…

🔴 Scenario #1: No One Watches Your Video.

Cool. You have just successfully practiced in public with zero consequences. You’ve got a video under belt — keep going!

🟡 Scenario #2: Some People Watch Your Video and Do Nothing.

Leaving a comment takes a lot of effort. People are watching from afar, they enjoy your video, but they just wanna sit quietly and watch. Nothing more.

🟢 Scenario #3: The Right People Watch Your Video.

The most ideal scenario. Your video answers a question people have been dying for. Viewers show their gratitude with their attention, their comments, and their subscriptions.

Publish your video, practice while no one’s looking, and repeat.



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