If you have ZERO Subscribers, Do THIS First!

If you’re just starting on YouTube, here’s your roadmap to getting started.

I’ve produced over 2,000 YouTube videos and took the SamCart channel from 10K to 20K subscribers in less than 10 months.

YouTuber Ali Abdaal claims that you need to make your first 100 videos BEFORE you can truly start your YouTuber career. Accept that they will be rough around the edges.

This is the YouTuber’s Journey to 100:

🔴 Videos #1 to #25

At this stage, you are simply learning how to shoot and edit videos. Making one video might take you an entire week. That’s okay.

Make your first 25 bad videos and hit PUBLISH.

🟠 Videos #26 to #50

Now let’s focus on your delivery. Part of being memorable and entertaining is being able to speak clearly and inject your personality. But, getting comfortable on camera simply takes reps.

Soon you’ll be able to improvise and riff on-camera with ease.

🟡 Videos #51 to #75

Making a video no longer takes you a week but maybe a day.

Find the shortcuts in your writing, shooting and editing phases. How can you trim the fat from your creative process?

This will be your key to creating tons of volume.

🟢 Videos #76 to #100

You know what your audience wants and what gets the most reaction — double down. Learn how to get more people to click by improving your thumbnails and titles.

Your mission is to create better hooks that catch more fish.



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