📌 If You’re Under 1,000 Subscribers, Make This ONE Video…

🛑 If you have a small YouTube channel, stop creating videos for the experts.

I started a filmmaking YouTube channel right out of film school, and I thought I had to teach cutting-edge, high-level tactics to my audience.

But no one got it and my channel stayed small.

Then I started to teach the basics, and my channel grew like crazy.

🔴 Record the “Fresh-Out-of-College” Tutorial Video

You hated learning the basics in school, and you wanted to blow past that so you could get to the advanced techniques that the pros are doing.

Here’s the thing…👇

The audience you’re trying to build aren’t experts — they’re beginners.

The mistake I made was trying to create advanced video client strategy videos…and NO one watched.

But then I went back to the basics — “How to Start A Video Production Company” and that video earned over 100K views in the first 3 months!

Go make your “back to basics” video.

#1. Remember when you were 20-years-old…?

This is the type of video your audience is craving for.

#2. Record the “Fresh-Out-of-College” Tutorial Video.

Recording this should feel effortless, but remember to remove all jargon, industry lingo, and trade secrets.

#3. Create a whole series teaching the basics.

What is the next likely question your audience of beginners is likely to ask? Answer that.



Marketing Nerd, Content Creator | Website: https://jordanpanderson.com Social: @jordanpanderson

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