🌳 The Content Tree: How to Turn One Video into 20 for Your Next Ad Campaign…

Jordan P. Anderson
2 min readMar 31, 2022

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I’ve used The Content Tree in some of the biggest ads pushes on Facebook — some campaigns as high as $50,000 PER DAY! At that scale, you have to have an arsenal of videos to swap out due to ad fatigue.

Unfortunately, most business owners think you just need ONE video to run ads.

❌ Stop Betting on ONE Video — When You Can Play the Field…

✅ Facebook automatically swaps your videos

✅ Create videos that are native to Shorts, Reels, Stories, and YouTube

✅ Test out different Hooks & CTAs

The video content world has become a numbers game.

And the beauty is that you don’t have to choose or grow attached to ONE fine-tuned script. You have options.

Here’s how to grow your own Content Tree:

🌲 Step #1: The Tree Trunk

Create Your Main Video (10–20 minutes)

This is your main video sales letter or VSL. Set up the problem, talk about the benefits of your product, and walk through your offer. This video will live on your sales page. Think long-form Kickstarter video.

If this video had chapters, there would be 4–6 chapters in total.

🌴 Step 2#: The Branches

Create Your 5-Minute Version

Cut out the testimonials, the detailed product walkthrough, and any section that talks about the price/offer.

The Branches are great for posting to YouTube and Facebook. Long enough to show off the product, but short enough to not lose 90% of your audience.

🍃 Step #3: The Leaves

Break It Down into Micro Stories (15–60 seconds)

Take your biggest Hooks from the Main Video and create vertical videos.

These micro-stories are meant to tease your main video or your offer. It’s a flash in the pan. Great soundbites can include hot takes, controversial opinions, or doomsday statements.

Say less, and create 15 variations.

You did it! You took a long 10-minute video, broke it into 5-minute mini-episodes, and then created 15 teasers. Now turn on Facebook’s Dynamic Creative and hit Publish!

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