The Hook & Bullet Script™ for YouTube

⚓ [Hook]

Jordan P. Anderson
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Say something about your topic that is provocative but true in your opinion. Take a stable concept and let your audience know that there’s a better or newer way of looking at this “stable” concept.

“Most people think that you need to record all your online course lessons before actually selling it…”

💬 [“In this video…”]

Now that people are interested in this video, it’s time to get their full commitment. Tell them EXACTLY what is in this video. This should feel like a spoiler.

Use the phrase, “ this video…” Don’t waste people’s time.

“Hi, I’m Jordan, and in this video, we’re going to cover the three strategies to pre-selling your online course. #1 is Market Research, #2 is Creating your sales page, and #3 is Building your waitlist.”

At this point, 90% of viewers have made their choice: Keep watching or move on to the next video.

✅ [Bullet #1]

Deliver your BEST point first. This is not a VH1 countdown. Let me repeat this, put your BEST point first.

✅ [Bullet #2]

Your 2nd best point.

✅ [Bullet #3]

Your 3rd best point.

🔎 [Review]

Wrap up the video again by using the phrase “ this video…” And then double down on your best point. Think of it as your best takeaway or final warning.

“In this video, we talked about the top 3 strategies to pre-selling your course. It is so important to do your market research before attempting this…”

📢 [Call-to-Action (CTA)]

Use ONE call-to-action per video. Subscribe, Like, Comment, Visit my website, OR watch this next video. Choose ONE of these suggestions. People stop listening after the first CTA.

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