The MOST Important Stat for Growing Your Channel…Click-Through Rate

If you want to grow your channel, then your videos’ Click-Through Rate (CTR) has to be above 5%.

Here’s what CTR is NOT…

❌ Click-through from a YouTube video to your website

✅ The percentage of people seeing your thumbnail vs. clicking your thumbnail

The entire calculation is done on YouTube.

Anytime your YouTube video is in someone’s feed, sidebar, or suggestions — that’s considered an impression.

The CTR is the percentage of those people seeing and clicking. 100 people see your video’s thumbnail and only 5 people click — that’s a 5% CTR.

4% — Acceptable CTR

9% or higher — Don’t touch a damn thing.

✅ A/B Test your Title & Thumbnail

✅ Design a wilder and crazier thumbnail that hooks your audience

✅ Improve your Title by telling your audience what the video is about.

If you want to attract new audiences and grow your channel, then your title and thumbnail have to be eye-catching and irresistible. Add mystery, make wild and crazy claims (that you can back up).

Your CTR can crash to 1%. Don’t panic.

This can happen when YouTube is serving up your video to new, unfamiliar audiences. YouTube (like TikTok) expands the circle to include more audiences that “might watch your video.” Your impressions will skyrocket thus CTR will crash. Don’t panic. Ride the wave.

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