📊 The ONLY 3 YouTube Stats that Will Help You Grow Faster in 2022…

🌄 YouTube Analytics can seem like this mountain of complicated data.

But, there are only 3 stats on YouTube that I want you to pay attention to if you want to grow your channel and know exactly what types of videos to create next.

Here’s what doesn’t matter:

❌ Views
❌ Subscribers
❌ Impressions

Now, let’s dive in to what DOES matter…

🖱️ 1. Impressions Click-through Rate (CTR %)

Your video’s thumbnail is served up all over the YouTube platform to new audiences. YouTube starts with a small handful and then expands the circle to include newer, colder audiences. Your click-through rate tells you how attractive your video is to audiences.

Anything above 4% is decent. Don’t change your thumbnail if it’s above 6%.

📼 2. Average Percentage Viewed (%)

If your video is 5-minutes long, and audiences leave at 2:30, then your average percentage viewed is 50%. This stat tells you how “captivating” your video is to viewers. Your goal is 50% and above. 40% is acceptable.

If people are leaving at a certain point, go to that point and find out why.

💊 3. Average Views per Viewer

YouTube wants to keep people on the platform, and if your video creates a “binge effect”, then you shall be rewarded. 1.0 Views per viewer means they watch one video and then left. 2.0 Views per viewer means they watched 2 videos. Anything above 1.2 Views per viewer is your goal.

Encourage viewers to watch specific videos next. Lead them to it.



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