📆 Your 30-Day YouTube Game Plan: 5 Videos to Make, and (5 Videos to Avoid at All Cost)

Jordan P. Anderson
2 min readApr 8, 2022

You’re ready to embark on your YouTube journey — but where do you start?

The first 5 videos you make on your channel can set up your channel for long-term success, get some quick feedback, and start attracting the right audience.

Here are the first 5 videos to AVOID for the launch of your new channel:

❌ A channel trailer

❌ An “About Me” video

❌ A trending/newsworthy topic

❌ A livestream or vlog

❌ A broad category (one-word topics like “Notion” or “Marketing”)

😖 The very first video I made on my YouTube channel was a “Who We Are” video — and it did zero for my channel’s growth.

I spent so much time perfecting and crafting the right message…

Because I wanted to make a good “first impression” on YouTube. My channel was a way to show off my expertise and what better way than to make a catchy “About Me” video.

Don’t waste your time.

🐟 Your first 5 videos are fishing lines in the ocean.

You have zero idea what your channel should be about — and that is perfectly normal. Your mission is to create quick 5-minute videos around some micro-topics that you’re passionate about.

🚀 Here are the first 5 videos to kick-off your YouTube channel:

✅ Teach us your favorite skill in 5 minutes.

✅ Share 3 tips for newbies in your industry.

✅ Demonstrate one software tutorial that has improved your job/workflow.

✅ Teach us “Part 2” of your favorite skill in 10 minutes.

✅ Breakdown why a celebrity in your industry is so successful

The early stages are NOT the time to get personal or share your life’s story. People have no context to who you are or why they should care.

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